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While we know that all kinds of fully-functional cars badly affect mother nature in one way or another, junk cars are certainly aren’t exceptions. The idle junk car is much worse. Their lack of mobility doesn’t mean that they aren’t harmful. Even if they just sit on an empty lot or carport, they also pose a threat to our health and the environment.
Sad to say, if you are an owner of a vehicle that is really old (about 15 years and up), damaged, or totally wrecked, you are indeed a contributor to harming our precious mother earth; including yourself, your family, and all the people in your neighborhood.
As a reputable and responsible junk car removal company, Total Car Collections, is here to give you an overview of how keeping an old vehicle poses a negative impact on our environment. Here are the things that happen when we choose not to let go of our junk cars: Ozone Layer Depletion We all know that all kinds of vehicles produce carbon monoxide and other gases that contribute to air…

Why You Need to Sell Old & Junk 4WDs

Four-wheel drive vehicles have 3 types: full-time (always), part-time (sometimes 4x2), and automatic (the vehicle decides if 4x4 or 4x2 is needed). The gearing options found in 4WD cars help you deal with different kinds of situations, especially while driving off-road. They are effective in helping you avoid sliding and spinning. They are extremely useful whenever you are driving on sand, snow or ice, rocky gravel roads, muddy areas, wet and slippery roads, steep hills, gullies, and more.

Besides the fact that they are perfect to use in places with extreme weather conditions, they are also often used for sports and business because of its maximum power, traction, and durability.
As strong and powerful as they are, like all cars, there will come a time when you’ll have no other choice but to let it go. So how will you be sure that now is that time?
Total Car Collections, one of the leading 4WD wreckers in Melbourne, is here to help you realise that it is wiser to sell your old and jun…


Unlike the old times, today’s cars are more complex. They are now intricately computerized machines; and so repairing and maintaining it by yourself can actually take a bit more than it should. Well you can be a car enthusiast who loves doing DIY repair projects. But you have to admit, there are just some cases wherein Google, Wikihow, or YouTube won’t cut it anymore. When car problems arise and you lack the time, expertise, and equipment, getting help from a professional is our go-to. So whether you have a compact, luxury, vintage, sports, or family car, finding a good car mechanic is just necessary.
A car mechanic can be your best friend or worst enemy. He can help you keep your baby running for a longer period of time and maximise its resale value or he can make your problems even worse. He can either save you money or make you spend more. So how do you find someone you can entrust your precious car to? How do you know he’s THE ONE? To help you with that, we have listed the top ch…

The Benefits of Selling your Wrecked Cars to Car Recyclers

Whether your wrecked cars have been crashed from collision, deteriorating, or are just simply not drivable anymore, the wisest thing to do is to let go of it as soon as possible. Keeping these cars in your premises simply won’t do any good to you or your family. 

Now that you have decided to finally let go of your car, the question is, What’s the best option for me? That is where we, at Total Car Collections, come in. We are committed to helping you dispose of your wrecked cars in the most convenient way possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to sell those to a car recycler like us: Earn instead of Spend
Keeping an old car in your care only means you’d get to incur more repairs and maintenance costs. Instead of stretching your budget further, get additional income by selling it to us. We, at Total Car Collections, strive to provide you with the best deals. We are more than willing to take your old sedans, SUVs, 4WDs, commercial cars, vans, and more. Help the eco…

When Is It Time to Let Go of Your Old Car?

A car can be of many things to us. It’s primarily a necessity, but it can also be a self-reward, remembrance, status symbol, or even a collector’s item. But we all have to admit that like all things, this won’t last. As much as we want to deny it, there will come a time when you simply have to let your car go.

Getting rid of your old car has most probably popped into your mind for at least once. And be honest, you have been shrugging it off whenever that happens. So let us help you out of that dilemma.
You know that now is THE time, when all these 4 happen to you:

It stresses you out.

There are just too many times when you had to go out or get to work, but you ended up commuting or hitching because your car broke down. Before, you enjoy spending time on DIY repair projects and car upgrades. But now, you’re just tired of doing it almost daily. You often spend time in the garage fixing your car more than riding in it. Googling and watching YouTube video clips on how to fix parts of your…