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Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Climate and changing weather make it difficult to maintain our car’s paint. It gets harder and harder to make our cars as shiny as they used to be as time pass by. Hot summer, cold winter and even prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun can damage a car’s paint permanently so it's important that we know simple ways on how we can prevent it from deteriorating. Why Should I Maintain My Car’s Paint?
There are plenty of reasons why you should. After all, who wouldn’t like riding a car that’s not only shiny on the outside, but also free from rust on the inside? Neglected chips on car’s paint can cause corrosion so we must to do maintenance check on our vehicles to avoid more serious problems. Another reason why you should maintain your car’s paint is, you can get more money for a well-maintained car if ever you decide to sell it.  How Do I Maintain My Car’s Paint?
The tips we have outlined below will specifically tell you how you can keep your car’s exterior looking shiny, clean and…

How Often Should You Have Your Car Serviced?

First time car owners always ask how often they should get their car serviced. During the sale, car agents or car sellers would most likely explain this information to car buyers, however, car owners may get too excited about driving their newly purchased car that they tend to forget little details like this. The answer to this question is really simple: it depends on the car manufacturer’s recommendation.

The car’s logbook or owner’s manual should be able to give a detailed information about when a car should be taken to servicing but as a general rule, you should have your car’s oil changed every six months or after driving 10,000km. It’s also paramount to get your car overhauled once a year to avoid accidents and to ensure that all of its parts are in good condition.
At this day and age, most modern cars have dashboard indicators that alert car owners and remind them that the car is due for an engine oil change, fluid level checks and other services. But for owners of old cars, e…

Total Car Collections

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