How Often Should You Have Your Car Serviced?

First time car owners always ask how often they should get their car serviced. During the sale, car agents or car sellers would most likely explain this information to car buyers, however, car owners may get too excited about driving their newly purchased car that they tend to forget little details like this. The answer to this question is really simple: it depends on the car manufacturer’s recommendation.

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The car’s logbook or owner’s manual should be able to give a detailed information about when a car should be taken to servicing but as a general rule, you should have your car’s oil changed every six months or after driving 10,000km. It’s also paramount to get your car overhauled once a year to avoid accidents and to ensure that all of its parts are in good condition.

At this day and age, most modern cars have dashboard indicators that alert car owners and remind them that the car is due for an engine oil change, fluid level checks and other services. But for owners of old cars, especially those who don’t have their car’s manuals and booklets with them, it’s recommended that they keep track of all their trips to the mechanic and set aside time to get their cars checked.

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Factors that Affect Your Car’s Servicing Period
There are factors that affect the timeframe for the servicing of your car such as:
  1. How frequent you drive your car
  1. The age of your car
  1. The type of fuel you use
Why Should You Have Your Car Serviced Regularly?

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Regular servicing not only extends the life of the car and its mechanical components, it also ensures that your car is safe, reliable and roadworthy. The resale value of a well-maintained car is also generally higher compared to cars that haven’t been serviced regularly.

The Cost Of Delaying or Missing Scheduled Car Servicing

You would be paying huge amount of money on repairs once you get involved in an accident just because you have delayed or you have forgotten to get your car serviced. Car accidents also take a huge toll on people involved as they could develop trauma afterwards. In some cases, car accidents result to death.


All cars need professional servicing regardless of how well they are taken cared of by their owners. Only professionals have in depth knowledge of the car’s components and they notice problems faster than people who use the vehicle itself. Remember not to delay the servicing of your car to avoid spending too much money on repair and to avoid accidents.

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